What Happens When OKGames Rules Are Broken

okgames rules

OKGames online casino games and sports betting are legal and licensed by PAGCOR. All of the restrictions we set for our online gambling site are sanctioned and based on Philippine government law.

Our platform OKGames rules ensure that we adhere to and implement online gaming regulations in accordance with government regulations and the PAGCOR gaming agreement PIGO Philippines Inland Gaming Operators permit in order to protect our brand name and provide Filipinos with the best online casino gaming experience possible in accordance with our services and operating license in the Philippines.

2023 Philippines Gambling Laws and OKGames Rules

The initial purpose of Philippine gambling legislation was to regulate casinos and safeguard gamblers. The government founded the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) in order to oversee and license the business, as well as distribute the revenue derived from these sources to other government agencies. In an effort to refine the Philippines’ gambling business, modifications have been added and removed throughout time.

Currently, brick-and-mortar casinos and poker rooms are available throughout the region, and while the current president is opposed to legal online gambling in the Philippines, there are no legal prohibitions on this form of gaming pleasure. This page describes in depth the regulations pertaining to gambling and how they influence Filipino players and the regional gaming business.

Is OKGames Rules Gambling Legal In The Philippines?

When licensed and regulated, gaming is lawful in the Philippines. In 1975, then-President Ferdinand Marcos signed Decree No. 1067-a into law, which defined legal gambling and established PAGCOR to license and oversee the sector. PAGCOR is a government body designed to supervise the gaming sector in order to encourage tourism and support infrastructure development. PAGCOR also owns a large number of casinos including OKGames; as of early 2017, they had at least 46 casinos throughout the islands.

Is Online Betting Legal In The Philippines?

There are no restrictions on online gambling in the Philippines. Casinos and sportsbooks headquartered in the Philippines are not permitted to offer their internet services to Philippine citizens. However, Filipino players have unrestricted access to Philippine-legal online poker, Philippine-legal online casinos, Philippine-legal horse betting, and Philippine-legal online sports betting sites so long as the destinations are regulated and licensed by their respective local regulatory agencies or gaming commissions. On the islands, all gambling regulations target casino operators, not players which is why OKGames rules adhere to abide by the Philippines Government LAW.

FAQs About Philippine Gambling Laws

What is the minimum age for gambling in the Philippines? In the Philippines, the legal gambling age for participation in domestic gambling entertainment is 21. The legal gambling age for Cagayan Special Economic Zone inhabitants is 18 but we OKGames only allows people to play and bet at the age of 21 years old and above.

Which kinds of gambling are permitted in the Philippines? In the Philippines, both domestic brick-and-mortar gambling and international online gaming are authorized also OKGames is the very first PIGO company in the Philippines.

Why Can’t I Engage in Online Gambling Located in the Philippines? The current President would seek to prohibit all forms of online gambling for Filipino citizens even though OKGames is permitted to operate in the Philippines as the very first PIGO Philippines Inland Gaming Operator. He feels it is a widespread problem across the islands and therefore refuses to permit local casinos to provide online services to Filipino citizens.

What is the penalty in the Philippines for illegal gambling? According to Republic Act No. 9287, the penalty for unlawful gambling ranges from thirty days to twenty years in jail, depending on the severity of the offense.

30-90 days for a person caught engaged in unlawful gambling as a bettor. Six to eight years for personnel or employees of an illegal number game. Coordinators of unlawful number games are sentenced to 10 to 12 years in prison. 12 to 14 years for a manager, operator, or maintainer. 14 to 16 years for a financier or entrepreneur 16 to 20 years old for a guardian or caretaker

Philippines Legal Gambling By Region


We hope that this article helps you to familiarize yourself pertaining to Philippine law and that we OKGames.io adhere to that law and legally operate online gambling in the Philippines to win Filipino trust on our gaming platform you may now register to test our application and for you to learn about our games more.

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