What is sakla cards names tagalog and how to play sakla 2023

sakla cards names tagalog

In Tagalog-speaking regions of the Philippines, Sakla is a popular card game. The objective of this article is to give enough information about sakla cards names tagalog and how to play sakla. the game, played with a deck of 32 cards, is to build sets of cards in a particular sequence. The winner of the round is the player with the highest set. Sakla is played largely for amusement, although it can also be played for money. Many variations of the game exist, and the rules may vary slightly depending on the locale or group of players.

Particularly in Tagalog-speaking regions. Each of the 32 cards in a deck of Sakla playing cards has a Filipino name. Below are the Filipino names for the Sakla playing cards:

As – Aso
Dos – Daga
Tres – Tuta
Kwatro – Kotse
Singko – Kabayo
Sais – Sisiw
Syete – Sibuyas
Ocho – Itlog
Nueve – Pinya
Sampu – Sampaguita
Labing-isa – Banig
Labing-dalawa – Elepante
Labing-tatlo – Kabute
Labing-apat – Bitin
Labing-lima – Palaka
Labing-anim – Marmol

In general, the cards are arranged with the A at the top and Labing-anim at the bottom. To win Sakla, players must construct sets of cards in a particular order.

How to play sakla step by step tutorial for beginners in tagalog paano maglaro ng sakla 2023

This is a comprehensive description of the Philippine card game Sakla.

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Sakla is a party game that can be played with any number of individuals between two and four. From a standard deck of 32 cards, eight are handed to each participant.

The game begins with a random individual taking the first turn, and then proceeds clockwise from there.

Create the nicest ensemble you are capable of. The trump suit is the game’s strongest suit. The order of the suits in Sakla is established by a random card draw. The picked card’s suit is the highest-ranking suit.

To win, players must arrange their cards in certain sequences. The round’s winner is the player with the best set. From the best to the worst sets in Sakla, they are all included here.

  • Collect five identical cards.
  • Four reshuffles of identical playing cards
  • There are two distinct suits and three identical ones.
  • Two identical clothes and three distinct ones are displayed.
  • Four “aces” and one “trump” card make up the deck.
  • In possession of a joker, three aces, and a king.
  • One joker, three aces, and one queen.
  • There are joker, ace, and jack cards.

Three aces and a ten, including the trump card, are in your possession.

In the absence of a set, the highest card is considered the winner

The winner of each round is the player with the most points. It’s a race to a predetermined point total, and the player who reaches it first wins (typically 21 or 41).

Unless one player hits a predetermined score threshold or all players agree to halt play, the game continues.

Included are instructions for the board game Sakla. Remember that there are several varieties of the game and that the regulations may vary significantly depending on the region and the players.

Tips to have a higher winning rate when playing Sakla

Here are some strategies for increasing your chances of winning Sakla:

  1. The order of the cards is known. You will be able to make better decisions during the game if you are aware of the value of each card and the composition of the sets.
  2. Examine the playing cards on the table: Keep track of the cards played by other players. This could help you determine which cards are still in play and which sets are still possible.
  3. The trump suit is the strongest suit in the game, hence it is essential to know at all times which suit is trump. This will assist you in making sound preparations for the future.
  4. Maintain a balanced hand. Strive for a variety of high and low cards to maximize your chances of completing various sets.
  5. Be patient and do not hastily play your cards. Wait for the optimal opportunity to construct a powerful set.
  6. Bluffing can be an effective strategy for convincing other players that you have a powerful hand. Nevertheless, if you go too far, you may be discovered.
  7. Like any other game, you must play Sakla frequently to improve and figure out how to win.

Remember that Sakla is still a game of chance, so even with these techniques, you cannot always win. The primary objective of the game should be fun and enjoyment.

Is it legal to play sakla in Philippines?

In the Filipino card game Sakla, also known as “saklaan,” players wager on the outcome of each hand. PAGCOR is the only government-owned and -controlled company in the Philippines authorized to operate, license, and regulate gambling activities play online in OKGames PAGCOR licensed online gaming platform.

Although various forms of gambling are permitted in the Philippines, the majority of the population believes that sakla is immoral. The Anti-Gambling Law (Republic Act No. 9287) makes illicit gambling, which includes sakla, illegal.

If you participate in sakla or other unlawful gambling games, you may face charges, imprisonment, or other penalties. It is crucial to remember that the legality of gambling might rely on a variety of factors, such as the location of the gambling and the particulars of the scenario. If you wish to determine whether a certain form of gambling is allowed in the Philippines, you should consult with the government or an attorney.

Rules need to keep in mind when playing sakla online

It is essential to understand that sakla is often illegal in the Philippines because it is a type of gambling. Illegal gambling, such as playing sakla, can result in criminal charges and sanctions such as jail time and fines.

  • Assuming you are playing sakla in a legal jurisdiction, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when playing sakla online:
  • Pick a well-respected online casino or gambling site like OKGames: Verify that the website you’re utilizing is legitimate, licensed, and regulated by a reputable organization. This will provide a safe and fair playing environment.
  • Keep in mind the rules: Get knowledge of the game’s rules. Ensure you understand how to put bets, the value of the cards, and what it takes to win.
  • It is essential to create and adhere to a budget for your gaming session. Never spend more than you can afford or attempt to recoup losses.
  • Gambling responsibly is playing the game responsibly and not gambling excessively. Take breaks, restrict the amount of time you gamble, and don’t consume alcohol or drugs while playing.
  • Ensure that you are playing on a secure website and that your personal and financial information is secure.
  • Do not cheat: Do not cheat or collaborate with other players, and do not use prohibited software or gadgets, as these may offer you an unfair advantage.

Note that sakla and other forms of gambling are for entertainment purposes only and should never be used to gain money.

Pros and Cons when playing sakla

Some general information about the potential pros and cons of playing sakla.


  • Entertainment: Playing sakla can provide an enjoyable and entertaining experience for those who enjoy gambling games.
  • Social activity: Playing sakla with friends or family can be a fun social activity.
  • Potential winnings: Like other gambling games, there is the potential to win money while playing sakla.


  • Addiction: Like any form of gambling, playing sakla can be addictive and lead to negative consequences, including financial problems, social and family problems, and mental health issues.
  • Illegal activity: In many jurisdictions, including the Philippines, sakla is considered an illegal gambling activity, which can result in criminal charges and penalties.
  • Risk of losing money: While there is the potential to win money while playing sakla, there is also the risk of losing money. It is important to set a budget and play responsibly to avoid financial problems.

It’s important to remember that the decision to play sakla, or any other form of gambling, is a personal choice and should be made carefully and with consideration of potential risks and consequences.


Overall sakla in the Philippines especially in katagalugan is popular and played by many Filipino people offline and online this article is intended to present to all our players online to give information about sakla 2023 If you find our content to be informative please do share our content to your social media account just click the share button below.

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