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Are you in search of the most comprehensive online sabong express tutorial? Read on for information regarding the origins and rise to fame of this Philippine sabong platform.

Sabong Express may have originated in the early 2000s when Filipino cockfighting enthusiasts began to organize and engage in more sabong activities. As these competitions were frequently held in different sections of the country, contestants needed a way to transport their costly roosters from one location to another.

In response to this demand, enterprising enterprises began marketing transportation services to cockfighting enthusiasts. They would provide vans or tractors designed to safely and comfortably transport roosters. Throughout time, as these transportation services became more organized and professional, the term “sabong express” was coined to describe them.

Sabong Express is an established and expanding live sabong sports betting industry in the Philippines. Several organizations and individuals provide internet services for sabong live betting; Bong Pineda of Pampanga offers sabong express. The sabong gaming website promotes the day’s contests on its social media page prior to the battle, allowing bettors to place wagers in advance. Clients ranging from casual beginners to professionals in cockfight betting are served. Certain Sabong Express lines provide additional attractions, such as the 4 cock derby, the 3 cockderby, and the 5 stag derby.

How can I register to bet on sabong express online in the Philippines?

Many online gaming platforms are offering sabong sports live in the Philippines. You can read and learn about another sabong gaming platform in our online sabong archive. For you to register and bet online on live sabong sports fights.

Registering and playing on Sabong Express online can not be done as of 2022 since sabong express does not have a website like or sabongexpress. Live even a social media group on Facebook sabong Express is no longer active and posting and the page used to post matchups is no longer operating the last post available is way back in January 2022.

Is there another way to still play sabong express online? YES! There are many gaming platforms online in the Philippines you can visit and register to play online sabong sports live.

sabong express

Here are the best online sabong express and sports live betting you can go visit to play and bet online.

These are the top 5 sports betting in the Philippines that has a permit from PAGCOR and actively operating as of present.

  1. OKBET – Sports betting live is a PAGCOR-licensed sports betting and casino gaming platform online operating in the Alabang Metro Manila Philippines. We put this one at the top of the choices since this is a trusted platform and endorsed by pambansang kamao Manny Pacquiao. You can learn more about OKbet here.

  2. SW418 – Sabong Sports live SW418 live chat has been designed to provide the greatest and most complete online conversation experience. It offers a wider selection of cockfighting games, comprehensive service, customer support, and swift and secure transactions. These are some of the features of SW418 live online sex Philippines.

  3. WPC15 – World Pits Master WPC15 refers to the World Pitmasters Cup, which is comprised of pitmasters who lead and utilize their squads. Regarding cockfighting, e-sport is not globally prohibited, and several nations recognize it.

  4. S888 – Online Casino Platform S888 International is Now Among the Top Online Sabong Betting Sites in the Philippines. s888 offers High Quality and Good Compatibility! Participate in premium matches and watch live matches on your smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

  5. MBC2030 – Online Sports Live is frequently cited as one of the best online options for live sports viewing. And the majority of online cockfighting players visit MBC 2030 live cockfighting because it is one of the most popular online cockfighting websites.

These are just the 5 best online sports live gaming platforms you can play and bet online in this year 2023 in the Philippines you can also read our article about sabong sports live to learn more.


We now know that sabong sports live is no longer active and operating to give Filipino bettors the capability to bet online sabong sports live we also give you the best alternatives you use and register to continue playing sabong online in the Philippines.

Note that the above-mentioned sports gaming platform is listed due to its capability to offer stable sports betting in the Philippines and they have a PAGCOR licensed base on our research and study.

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We highly recommend that you read our article about online sabong to learn more.

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