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Hello reader, in this topic let’s find out what exactly is bwinph12 and how to play it online. Our topic, you will learn all the information about it so make sure you read this article till the end.

Introducing bwinph12 a type of online casino game platform that offers gambling games in the Philippines. It started in 2021 at the height of the pandemic in the Philippines. Through bwinph, Filipinos can enjoy online gambling games such as Pusoy, lucky9, slot games, poker and many more online casino games.

The bwinph12 is known for its online sports betting games, slot games, online cockfighting, and live casino games that are especially fun to play gambling. This is one of the top international casino game platforms and one of the most popular hobbies of Filipinos, it is also one of the ways to earn money online by playing with other players all over the Philippines.

How to play at bwinph12 online?
And the information you need to know

To play on bwinph12 like many other online casino game platforms you need to create and register To register on bwinph12 you need to visit their website and click on the upper right corner yellow register button.

  1. Once you in the registration form they ask for your country and email address provide it then click continue. 
  2. Enter your name and Phone number and desired username and password then click the register button.
  3. An OTP code is sent to your registered number use it to verify the registered account.
  4. You may now log in using your username and password and Play online casino games.

NOTE: This is necessary following PAGCOR which enforces the law that only Filipinos aged 21 years old and above can play gambling online.

How to deposit in my account to bet on bwinph12 games?

Online gambling platforms like bwinph12 accept online payments It is important that you know the payment methods that you can use and that bwinph12 for an easier transaction in placing your funds in your account that can be used to bet on the games that you want to play online.

Process for adding a budget to your bwinph12 account

  1. Log in to bwinph12 with your password and username.
  2. Press the account wallet button at the top of your home screen.
  3. Select the deposit option.
  4. Open your prepared payment like online banking.
  5. Enter the amount you desired to deposit and the account information where the amount is recharged.
  6. Once the money is sent it will be added to your bwinph12 account
  7. To check your balance see it in your wallet option.
  8. You can play gambling games online and bet and enjoy.

It is important and you should know that it is better to play on online gaming platforms that have a permit from PAGCOR which has permission to offer online gambling in the Philippines and implements strict fair games in accordance with the law.

How to withdraw from my bwinph12 account?

To withdraw winning funds from your bwinph12 account you need to log in to your account and from your home screen click on the wallet button you can see on the top of your account screen.

Click on the withdraw button then enter your desired amount to withdraw. Enter your bank method information where the bwinph12 system sends your money once you are done filling it up click withdraw button to process your transaction.

Wait for about 1 minute to 30 minutes for the money appear to in your bank account a notification about your transaction status will notify you about the status. After that, you may now check your bank with the withdrawal amount in it.

You can also contact their customer support for live assistance and faster withdrawal transactions from bwinph12.

What are the specific games that I can expect to play online at bwinph12?


Here are the gambling games you can play at bwinph12 online in the Philippines.

  • Golden Empire
  • Super Ace
  • Fortune Gems
  • Money coming
  • Online cockfighting
  • Irish bingo
  • Sports betting
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slots games
  • Fishing games

Currently, the bwinph12 game continues to update and add many more entertaining games that will provide entertainment to Filipinos online.

How to earn online using bwinph12 online in the Philippines?

Bwinph12 application offers promotions that Filipinos can use to earn extra game credit online through them you can receive cash in your account that you can use in betting to win even more cash bonuses in playing online.

One of them is the referral promo, through this you will earn by inviting your friends to play online as well. For each successful registration, you will receive 5% of the total amount of the first recharge of your referral in the game.

There is also a VIP Promotion where you only need to be active in playing and be able to recharge the set amount to be able to upgrade your account to VIP VIP accounts receive free spins every day that provide additional cash bonuses that are added to your account

The aforementioned promotions are just some of the things you can enjoy playing online using the bwinph12 casino games platform.


Currently, bwinph12 is still active and continues to offer gambling games online you can go to its official website to play. But we recommend you use PAGCOR accredited online gaming platform, this is also for your safety and to have a fair gambling experience that protects Filipino online gamblers.

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